Is Plunger Ball an Olympic Sport?
Not yet. Our petition is currently 1,998,789 signatures short of the required 2,000,000.
Are extra points awarded for throwing the plunger between your legs?
I think you might be referring to up dog.
What’s up dog?
Not much, dog; what’s up with you?
When I google “Plunger Ball” I only get three results.
Try re-booting.
What do they call Indian food in Mumbai?
What’s to prevent me from making my own game board and telling you guys to shove it?
Sounds like you are interested in our franchisee program.
What’s the deal with this Deming guy and his steps?
We are contractually obligated not to reveal any information until after the premier of the upcoming 30 For 30 documentary on ESPN.
Are there any sponsorship opportunities available?
We’ll have to check with marketing [picks up phone — “Hello, marketing? Are there any sponsorships available? Oh, you’ve only sold the single fifty dollar spot. Great, thanks] Evidently there are a couple of openings at ten grand, but they’re going quick.
What do you think of this suggestion for the official Plunger Ball uniform: blue blazer, khakis, deck shoes, and a bow tie?
Knock yourself out, Skippy.
Is there any protocol for celebrities throwing out a ceremonial first flip?
Make sure they buy the beer.
Does Plunger Ball have an official spokesperson?
We are currently in negotiations with Ron Swanson and Ron Burgundy, but both camps have proven to be quite contentious.
Does Plunger Ball have a world governing authority?
We recently bailed a Nigerian prince out of a sticky jam, and he has agreed to serve as president of the Federations, Unions, Congresses, et Kingdoms Under Plungerbol. It was his idea to use French and Spanish. Classy, right?
Plunger Ball just sounds like a different spin on Cornhole.
And chess was a different spin on checkers.
Some of these questions seem like they are planted just so you can get a few cheap laughs.
Please phrase your question in the form of a question.
We want to kick-off our upcoming PB tournament with the perfect tailgate. Any suggestions?
You could try a white truffle encrusted squab coquette with a Petit Beaujolais. Either that or brats and beer. Your call, Sparky.
What’s the all-time best walk up music for a Plunger Baller?
Piano Pat from the Sip ‘n Dip playing Psycho Killer.

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